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Career Coaching

Career coaching will give you a life changing opportunity to stand back and take a fresh look at your current career. You will develop an enhanced self-awareness that will inspire you to make a positive change.

Your experienced coach will:

  • Clarify your workplace values, strengths and skills
  • Identify the different options and choices available to you
  • Provide guided self-discovery opportunities
  • Suggest how you can create interesting opportunities
  • Help you focus on your career and life goals 
  • Support you during this process of change
  • Help you strengthen your CV and provide interview coaching
  • Show you how to harness the power of social media 
  • Show you how to deal with self sabotage

At each stage, your career coach will focus on developing your self–awareness giving you the confidence and clarity to make life-changing decisions. This will ensure that your coach is able to work with you to create a detailed and personalised plan for your career change.

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Executive Coaching

Bespoke coaching for existing or aspiring Executives. We specialise in career advancement by identifying and helping you prepare for the next step in your Executive career. You will develop the crucial skills to lead and inspire your team.  

Your Executive coach will support you to:

  • Lead with greater vision
  • Develop an effective team
  • Improve decision-making skills
  • Delegate roles and responsibilities more effectively
  • Communicate with greater clarity
  • Increase productivity levels
  • Enhance creativity and story-telling skills
  • Improve self-awareness
  • Increase your understanding of how to manage relationships

Throughout the process you will receive constructive feedback enabling you to maximise your success. Responsibility means heightened expectations and so it is important that you are given support to develop the key competencies of a successful leader. 

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