Success Stories

Diana: Accountant to Patisserie Owner

“Have belief in yourself”

Diana sees the switch into business as a challenging but wonderful journey. She speaks about the the qualities she has discovered about herself, ”I learnt to be wiser, less focused on negativity and I also gained an inner strength”. These qualities helped to motivate her and gave her a momentum to battle through any barriers she encountered.

Adamo: Charity worker to Consultant

““Fears are just a limit to our success”

Adamo’s inspiration for career switching sprung from his passion for dancing. Developing his dance technique and skills in the evenings and at weekends, Adamo and his partner Vicci soon had teaching requests first in London and then all over the world. Initially, he was a little reticent until he realised that: “fears are just a limit to our success“. Adamo fundamentally believes that it is important to develop a new career from an area of a person’s life which they find engaging as this will provide the motivation to succeed. Starting from this position a career switch “can be surprisingly easy.”

Fiona: Event manager to UX Designer

““My biggest obstacle to change was never knowing what I wanted to do””

In Fiona’s first career as an event manager she found that her social and professional life were increasingly affecting her sense of well-being.
Increasingly, finding that the job was making her both unhappy and frustrated Fiona took the life changing decision to retrain as a UX designer. Fiona was clear that the “biggest obstacle to change was never knowing what I wanted to do.”
In a familiar scenario, in the absence of an alternative career, Fiona carried on in her job until she could take it no more. She advises fellow career switchers to “not to look back in five years time and think damn I should’ve started then… timing will never be right.”

Mike: Graphic Designer to Coffee Shop Business

“Celebrate the things you enjoy”

Mike recommends not to over-think your decision to start a business. He threw himself in at the deep end and this made him make things happen. He feels the best course of action is to not ”waste time just thinking about it. Actions not thoughts!”

Annette: Project manager to Primary School Teacher

“Nothing was going to change until I became more proactive”

In her interview, Annette stresses the importance of each individual managing their own career path. She readily accepts that “nothing was going to change until I became more proactive “ Once Annette had become more proactive she was able to make “the best decision I ever took” Having made the change, Annette is philosophical about the importance of her previous career as a project manager, and how this has impacted on her current career as a primary school teacher. She states that the time spent on her previous career was not wasted: “I am using well developed organisational skills from [my] previous career.”

Richard: Pharmaceutical Industry to Travel Consultancy

“You have to work for your own dreams”

”I’m too old,” is often quoted as a reason not to make a change. At 55, Richard decided that his age was his greatest advantage when starting a business. He states, ”although I wish that I had started earlier I also realise that the skills and experience that I had accumulated in my working life greatly helped me make a better success of my business when I did start.”

Geraldine: Architect to Patisserie Owner

“Make sure you react as soon as you feel unhappy”

As an architect, Geraldine became increasingly frustrated by the lack of progress in her career. The lack of creativity also surprised her as she entered this profession to use her imagination, not just technical skills. Retraining as a Patissier has enabled Geraldine to not only “have a better work- life balance but also autonomy”

Geraldine’s only regret is that she did not start a career switch at an earlier stage in her first career. She advises: “make sure you react as soon as you feel unhappy “

Ray : Client Service Manager to Gardening Business

“The process of change is “very rewarding”

Making the dramatic switch from client service manager to gardener has given Ray a new lease of life. Having the freedom to structure his own working week, and most importantly to allow for more opportunities to travel during the winter, has transformed his life. Although Ray experienced the “fear of a new career not working“ he nevertheless recommends a career switch for those who feel “undervalued and unappreciated.” Ray clearly sees the whole experience as incredibly life affirming and recommends going through the “very rewarding” process of change.

Katie: Graphic Designer/Brand Manager to Coffee Shop Owner

“Only focus on success”

kate advises people who are frustrated by their career to do something as soon as possible. She advises, ”as soon as you feel that you are not happy in your career it is important that you do something about this as soon as possible.” Kate’s only regret is that she did not make the career switch as quickly as she wanted to.