Story Telling In Business

About The Course

An engaging story allows you to express your vision in a captivating way, inspire others and reinforce your organisation’s values. This course will teach you the techniques you need to influence, engage and inspire. You will learn how to select appropriate story telling techniques to enhance your message, enabling you to connect with your listener and then create the intended impact.

Key Benefits

  • Recognise key narrative structures and how to use them in your business
  • Learn how to weave dramatic elements, tension and plot twists into your presentations
  • Discover rich sources of inspiring stories and how to adapt for you message
  • Learn when and how to tell the story to create the maximum impact
  • Learn how to stories can help with data, strategy, proposals and client liaison

Course Outline

  • The importance of stories in business
  • Introduction to story patterns using C. Booker’s 7 plots
  • How to make sense of complex information through storytelling
  • Capturing your audience using authentic and engaging story
  • Story-reinforcement – how to use stories to enhance your message
  • How to use story-telling in business: problem-solving, relationship building, product development and recruitment and retention
  • Extract lessons from stories to help minimise the fear of failure
  • Explore story telling and  how to create an impressive communication style : 92% Rule: body language/voice control/non-verbal communication
  • Organisation/business specific scenarios. How story-telling can directly help your business/organisation 

"Joe created a positive learning atmosphere very quickly and this encouraged us to experiment with story-telling forms and structures - a great set of ideas and concepts to take back into the office. I throughly enjoyed it."

Ben. Account Manger-Oracle

Using Innovation To Grow Your Business - 1 or 2 day course

About the course

This course will provide a range of simple creative thinking techniques that can be used to create, develop and test business ideas. Specially designed creative and  interactive tasks will encourage exploration and experimentation. Client challenges and opportunities will be embedded into the course so that potential solutions/developments can be implemented.

Key Benefits

  • Develop a range of creative thinking methods, tools and techniques to generate ideas and solve problems
  • Expand possibilities of productive collaboration
  • Learn how to synthesise a collection of ideas into a business solution
  • Develop creative thinking approaches across the business
  • Participants often develop an open mindset so they are receptive to innovation

Course Outline

  • Identify current innovation methods and strategies
  • Explore how innovation can drive growth in your organisation
  • Content and style : how you innovate affects what you innovate
  • Differences between Creativity and Innovation
  • Introducing and reinforcing innovation initiatives
  • Disruptive innovations. Benefits and risks
  • Why Psychological safety is vital for innovation. How to create Psychological safety
  • Explore Ideation tools : TRIZ, TIPS and other methodologies
  • How to challenge organisational silos and encourage collaboration
  • Managing innovation. How to feedback and develop
  • Organisation/business specific scenarios. How innovation can directly help your business/organisation 

''Excellent use of story to provoke debate and flesh out ideas. The link between story structure and how business can identify the 'hero/client' and their challenges was very powerful.'' 

Duncan. Director-Talk Talk

Using Creativity For Strategic Thinking - 1 Day Course

About The Course

Strategic thinking needs to precede strategic planning, so this course explores how to be creative in your thinking. You will learn a range of practical, unconventional and creative techniques to stimulate, provoke and challenge. Client challenges and opportunities will be embedded into the course so that potential solutions/developments can be implemented.

Key Benefits

  • How to evaluate and select the most effective ideas for new strategies
  • learn how to apply a collaborative approach to strategic thinking
  • How to develop a strategic creative framework for all areas of your business
  • Significant improvement when dealing with external and internal developments
  • Greater sense of ownership towards strategy 

Course Outline

  • Identify current methods to develop strategic thinking
  • Explore how creativity can drive strategy in your organisation
  • Content and style : how you create affects what you create and the quality of your strategic thinking
  • Introducing and reinforcing creativity initiatives to develop strategy
  • Disruptive innovations. Benefits and risks to your existing strategy
  • Why Psychological safety is vital for open communication. How to create Psychological safety to encourage strategic thinking
  • Explore Ideation tools : TRIZ, TIPS and other methodologies.
  • How to structure a business model to support the new strategy
  • low risk experimentation: How to test new ideas with minimal impact to existing strategy
  • Organisation/business specific scenarios. How using creativity for strategic thinking can directly help your business/organisation grow

''...great story-telling tips - very friendly and supportive trainer who teased out some of our ideas about strategies. Managed the room really well and involved everyone in exercises which meant that the ideas and suggestions were reflective of each team's member's experience''

Chris. Recruitment-HSBC