Effective Team Work


Managing Your Team - 2 Day Course

About The Course

Great managers inspire great teams. You will learn how to confidently manage your team, nurture better staff relationships and lead a cohesive team to achieve impressive results. Delegation, prioritisation and effective decision-making will all be explored. At the end of the course, you will understand how to manage multiple demands whilst empowering and inspiring your team.

Key Benefits

  • How to create a productive ethos that encourages open communication
  • Enhanced leadership by using positive reinforcement strategies
  • How to clarify roles and responsibilities within the team
  • Enhanced management of appraisals and handling conflict
  • How to identify and respond to both threats and opportunities

Course Outline

  • Identify personal management style
  • The difference between manager and leader
  • Responding to challenging work situations as a leader or manager
  • The importance of motivational skills how to use to improve the work performance of others
  • Identify sources of tension and how to minimise the root causes
  • The skills of inspiration. How to to turn under-performing people into team players
  • Techniques and tips to deal with counterproductive behaviour
  • Creating a more positive work environment
  • Delegation techniques. When and how to use them effectively
  • How to create influence: empathy, connection and building relationships
  • Formal and informal feedback/appraisals
  • The importance of an open communication style
  • Applying what has been learnt. Organisation/business specific scenarios

''Very good planning, preparation and follow up of the training, engaging trainer and excellent support throughout the course  - very professional’’

Emily. Business Manager- Page Personal

''...trainer extremely friendly, knowledgeable and engaging which enabled me to understand the concepts and then apply them in specially designed exercises.''

Peter. Surveyor- Systech International

Building A Successful Team - 1 Day Course

About The Course

Successful teams fully understand the overall purpose and vision of the team. You will learn how to inspire individuals to recognise their responsibility and how they contribute to the team. You will develop strategies for effective communication and learn how to build productive relationships. This will help you build a cohesive and high performing team.

Key Benefits

  • Understand team development: Forming, Storming, Norming & Performing
  • How to establish team goals using collaboration
  • Learn effective strategies to motivate individuals to achieve
  • How to create an ethos that encourages open communication
  • Improved leadership using positive reinforcement strategies

Course Outline

  • Identify personal management/leadership style
  • The difference between manager and leader
  • Build team effectiveness through developing trust
  • Critical management and leadership skills for results
  • Direction and vision and techniques to motivate your team
  • Work effectively with teams, nurturing talent and driving success
  • Formal and informal feedback/appraisals
  • Mapping the team’s journey and how to deal with challenges
  • Advanced communication skills. 92% Rule: body language/voice control/non-verbal communication
  • Empowering your team towards success and highlighting the importance of marginal differences
  • Applying what has been learnt. Organisation/business specific scenarios

''The course was really beneficial and covered key areas of leadership and provided practical advice to achieve the skills of a Team leader.'' 

Ian. Manager-BT

''The training experience was really effective, Joe adapted the course to suit the specific requirements of our team, and was he was very understanding of our needs. By shaping the course to reflect our business it allowed us to deal with real-world challenges. The course has given us the confidence to develop strategies to work more successfully as a team.'' 

Sarah. Business Manager-Ericsson 

How To Improve Partnerships With Other Teams - 1 or 2 Day Course

About The Course

Teams can find it difficult to openly examine their behaviour, however with structured, sensitive and creative exercises difficulties can be approached with more trust and honesty. Teams can then take a fresh look at their different perspectives and experiences and this can offer a powerful approach to reducing misunderstandings and conflict, whilst encouraging collaboration.*

Key Benefits

  • Increased understanding of professional partnership process management
  • How to establish respectful and productive relationships
  • Improved self-discipline and greater use of emotional intelligence techniques minimising conflicts
  • How to challenge and changing negative norms of group behaviour
  • Improved innovative approaches to problem-solving

∗ It is highly recommended that this course is followed up with team and individual coaching.

Course Outline

  • Understand the dynamics of a team
  • Benefits and problems with collaboration
  • Distinctions between collaboration, cooperation, and consensus
  • How to overcome barriers to collaboration
  • Resilience techniques and methods when dealing with challenging group dynamics
  • Collaborative models and how to adapt them for your organisation
  • How to build trust and support within a collaborative working relationship
  • Discover opportunities to innovate, and problem solve 
  • Group communication skills. 92% Rule: body language/voice control/non-verbal communication
  • How to create influence: empathy, connection and building relationships
  • Constructive feedback
  • Applying what has been learnt. Organisation/business specific scenarios. How improved collaboration skills can directly help your business/organisation 

''...very interesting and informative. Joe encouraged us to fully participate and this allowed us a greater understanding of the theory behind successful collaborations."

 John. IT Project Leader-ICBC Bank

''I really enjoyed the course as it developed my problem solving and collaboration skills Joe is very supportive and encouraged me to explore a different way of working which I will explore when I return to work.''

David. Engineer-Cammach Industries